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Inline with ever changing legislation from the Government, exposure to ICT in schools for both staff and pupils is seen as a priority. No longer is ICT dubbed as a subject, but as a tool for Teaching and Learning across the curriculum. Our ever expanding Technical Support Team offer the best in ICT support solutions in the education sector. We are able to offer scheduled or bespoke solutions to ensure your school network is not only sustaining, but is also planning ahead for the future in technological advances. All this is nothing without honest pricing and transparent advice, encouraging the school to aim for best value practises regardless of the supplier.

Phil Burrows Managing Director
If you don't have passion for what you do, you won't do it to the best of your ability. I am honestly very proud of our team, their ability and the passion that's put into everything we do. We underpin our Ethical trading practises with our "3P's", Personable, Pro-Active, Professional - with the right mix and great foundations, you can support anything!

Daniel Calderbank Operations Manager
At the heart of my role is customer service, taking the many varied support requests and seeing them through to completion.

Andy Cawley Senior Engineer
I really enjoy tackling big projects and creating a development plan for a customer to aim at. Then being a part of making it happen and exceeding the customers expectations. Its not just the end result, its how you get there.

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